Andrey Okonetchnikov portrait

Hi! I’m Andrey Okonetchnikov — a Front End Engineer and UI & UX designer from Vienna, Austria

I’m passionate about UI and UX design, typography, music, photography, mountain biking and coffee.

I’m an engineer with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, but I’m also a designer. I love solving complex problems, no matter if it’s a design or technical challenge. I mostly design in code using JavaScript and CSS, but when it’s required I use graphic editors as well.

I believe that “No UI == Best UI” and that good UI is how things work and not just how they look. I value statistics and tend to verify my ideas using prototypes and usability tests.

I care about code readability and maintainability and actively use linters and code analysis. I’m the author of 🚫💩 lint-staged — a simple tool to enforce code quality in teams.

When writing styles, I use CSS-modules or, when not possible, BEM and I believe that CSS-in-JS is the future of CSS.

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